Cinco de Mayo Sans The Hangover

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Long gone are the days of May 6th drudgery, or July 5th or January 1st. No longer do I imbibe to excess, throwing back one margarita after another like I used to (I do love tequila and red wine AND….champagne….) But, the mornings that follow any given night are much more precious to me than a consistent flow of liquor to my lips. And you know what? I have just as much fun with a mocktail in my hand as I do with an adult bevvie.

This isn’t to say I always forgo a perfectly paired Pinot Noir or glass of Prosecco on a sunny afternoon. There is always room for delicious moderation. I just don’t booze it up to the ‘Sure To Have a Hangover’ level on days devoted to celebration.

One of the benefits of celebratory drinking sans alcohol is you can start first thing in the morning, sip while you work, and all day long without guilt. I started at 7am this morning, donning a festive south-of-the-border blouse & skirt, and a non-alchy drink in honor of the holiday. It’s aptly named Hot Mess Juice since I was historically known as THAT girl. You can find this recipe and more; 99 more to be exact, in my latest book, Superfood Juices & Smoothies. Enjoy and drink safe!

Hot Mess Juice

Makes: 1 16-ounce serving


1 small handful fresh cilantro

1/2 jalapeño, seeds partially removed

2 cups spinach

2 large kale leaves

4 large romaine leaves

1 1/2 naval oranges, peeled with pith in tact

1 1/2 medium sweet apples (such as Red Delicious), halved


Pass the cilantro, jalapeño, spinach, kale, romaine, orange, and apple through a juicer in the order specified. Transfer to a serving glass and garnish festively with a wedge of lime or orange wheel, tiny umbrella, and a straw!

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