Gardening Your Hidden Potential

Josh Blatter––The 32 Metronome Project | April 8th, 2014

As the sound of tingsha bells softly pierced my inner ear, I blinked my eyes a few times and opened them to one flame yielding a radiant orange light. The dark sky which was once luminous with gallant stars, was now masked by the pervading light of day. This is a typical morning for me as I come out of my daily meditation. I relish the morning hours – the silence before nature arises from its sweet slumber vellicate all my senses.

Today was an especially deep meditation. It wasn’t deep in the way that I was checked out or my mind was awol. It was deep in a way that I felt very connected. I was a maven of my materiality and with great discernment I could see and feel things as they were. Sagaciousness is typically a regular quality of mine and today it was without labeling and judgment. Being able to have the capacity of intellect without threading personal opinion is true wisdom in my mind – otherwise it is self defeating.

Upon coming out of meditation I stood up and as I was headed back inside, something caught my eye. I walked over to my garden which had been dormant for sometime. I am using dormant in place of the word dead which would probably better describe what was actually going on in there. What was once dirt was now a lush forest of mint. I reached over and picked a leaf from its stalk and placed it in my mouth. The back of my palate widened as I chewed on it. It was the best mint I had ever tasted. This garden that I had written off as dead came back to life. Resurrected.



The garden is not much different than any one of us. We are all filled with millions of seeds of potential. ALL of us. These capacities include the capacity to love, to be loved, to inspire, to be inspired and for deep levels of happiness. When life gets shitty, not if but when, because at some point it will, the first thing we disregard is our potentials. When this happens we feel dead inside. Depression is not the absence of seeds, it is a lack of faith that the potential for the seeds to germinate is there. But the seeds don’t die. They just sit and wait for the right environment. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness we sow our soil. We get the earth ready so when the right light, the right water, and the right weather align, the seedling can grow. You can decide what your light, your water, and your weather look like because it is different for all of us. Continue to turn the soil and harvest your inner potential.

When you find yourself lost in self doubt, depressed and starving to be happy, remember that you have everything you need. You may just have to do some gardening for your hidden potential.

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