My Summer Travel Must Haves

This Friday I am heading out of town for nearly three weeks of travel. Amidst business meetings, book signings, and workshops, I am dedicating time to beach and poolside relaxation. The sun and sea are calling! In preparation, I’ve pulled out all of my beach bag goodies and summer must-haves. As I began to lay everything out, it occurred to me you might be interested in some of my hot weather faves. So here they are.

Simply Divine Botanicals ‘How Now Brown Cacao’ Body Cream: rich, luscious, all natural ingredients that smell of decadent dark chocolate.

Mineral Fusion Powder SPF 30: I’ll be honest, I have a serious aversion to using sunscreen on my face. Generally, a thin layer of coconut oil does the trick, but when I know I am going to be playing in the water and camping out all day in sweltering sun, an SPF adds the layer of protection I can’t get from simply applying oil. The only all natural variation I’ve liked (and I’ve tested dozens) is this loose powder. No white film, no greasy residue, no smell. It’s divine….well, as divine as SPF can possibly get.

100% Pure All Over Glow: This is not a self-tanner, but rather an all natural bronzer that you can apply as a highlighter to cheekbones, forehead, shoulders, and chest or stir into your lotion for an all over body glow.

Acure Natural Dry Shampoo: To dry hair, I spritz salt water on my roots and work it through to the ends. Then I sprinkle just little bit of this powder onto my roots and scrunch the hair near my scalp. This technique gives my hair a beach blown and tousled look without me ever having to dip my head in the sea.

DIY Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub: Using this homemade exfoliant is part of my daily shower ritual. It keeps my skin smooth, deeply nourished, and smelling fantastic!

Dior Sunglasses: I selected a neutral-colored frame to complement any summer outfit.

Portland Bee Balm Chapstick: No joke, I have at least five of these at any given time. They can be found in:

My purse, Keychain Coin Purse, Gym Bag, Car, Bathroom, and then usually a few are tucked away in a drawer or two. It’s the best. Truly.

Selection of Hair Ties and Clips: for restyling as the day goes on.

OPI Nail Polish: I wear this color (Tiffany Blue) all summer long. It’s bright and cheery and goes with everything.

DeVita SPF 30: The minute the sun graces our presence, you can find me hiking, running, or playing at the beach. Like the sunscreen needed for my face during long hours outdoors, I use this all natural SPF on my shoulders, chest, and arms for added protection. It is a tad greasy, but does not leave a white film, and it also has a pleasant smell.

Crystal Essential Mineral Deodorant Towelettes: I adore these convenient, single use wipes for the plane and when I’m going from outdoor activities to a business meeting. I use them to freshen my face, neck, chest, and underarms.

Hat and Bikini

Books I’m Reading Now: Heed Your Call by my partner and friend, David Howitt, and Aleph, written by Paulo Coehlo. Both magnificent reads, magical in context, stimulating, and life-shifting. Great for the plane or a day at the beach.

Snacks: Whenever I travel, be it on an airplane, a road trip, or to spend an afternoon in the sun, I bring healthy bites with me for noshing. Dehydration goes hand-in-hand with travel and sunbathing so it’s important to eat water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. It’s wise to avoid or limit the intake of salty and dry snacks like crackers, chips, and nuts during those occasions mentioned above.

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