A Message from Pam (Tina’s Mother)


On a beautiful spring morning, May 18, 2016 I learned everything about conviction, courage, bravery and trust.  “You’ve got this, Tina” was a message she received the morning of surgery, May 17th from her brother, Garth.  She had done everything imaginable to prepare for this day and was excited to have the “xplant” surgery behind her and begin her new life with the body God gave her.  Tina was in perfect health and as mentally and spiritually prepared as one could be.  Everything went well except for her being in surgery longer than expected due to some calcification that needed to be removed.  Her recuperation time would be a little longer, her doctor said, but he also said she had made the right decision. Tina was the model patient with all vital signs and blood tests being perfect.  She did well that evening and though in pain, didn’t want to introduce more drugs into her body than were already injected into her that day.  She took Tylenol instead of her prescribed pain medication.

Tina had come to a place in her life, when she always sought to do the right thing although painfully difficult for her at times.  I am so incredibly proud of her bravery that day to undergo surgery with anesthesia and IV’s – to conquer her final health battle she intuitively knew she needed for a long time.  If you are a follower of Tina’s blogs, you know she was to undergo breast implant removal after thirteen years.  It was the final step in her many years of hard work to overcome health challenges she had faced.  She worked hard to save the $6000 to pay for the surgery.  Everything seemed to be going well that evening and why she was taken home the following morning remains unknown.  All subsequent testing has shown her to have been in perfect health.


Tina’s entire mission here was to help and uplift others in whatever way she could. Through personal contact, newsletters, blogs, phone calls, written notes and eventually, her own story which she was in the process of getting out to the world.  She wanted everyone who knew and followed her to take a good look at anything that may be amiss in their lives and strive every day to make it better.  I watched her for three and a half years as she didn’t miss a day of meditation, prayer and journaling what she was being given.  Still on her desk is a bowl that contains all her hopes and dreams.  She made beautiful vision boards and only looked at magazines to see what uplifting phrases she could cut out and use for good.  The recipes she so freely shared with all of you were from her heart.  She never wanted to copyright them because she wanted the whole world to benefit.

She left an enormous imprint on my soul and on the souls of all her family and friends.  I strive everyday now to make her proud of me.  To take the steps she was trying to get me to take to improve my own wellbeing in every way.  That is how I will best honor her.  I have never known pain like this and the missing of her is unfathomable.


She was the light in my world every single day and she wanted so much to be a light for all of you.


I know she is greatly missed by so many of you.  I can only pass on to you her love and hope that there will be someone amongst her followers who will move forward to create a joyful, happy and fulfilling life in honor of the things she so eloquently taught us all.  Earth has for sure lost an angel but I believe, she still watches over us daily.  She would have it no other way.


~  Pam Pearson, Tina’s mom

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  • Bryan

    Thank you for sharing Pam. Love you.