The New Moon –– A Perfect Time for Deliberate Intention Setting

Today is a new moon, which means it’s time for new beginnings, and deliberate intention setting! Whether you follow astrology, and believe in the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact the lunar cycles have on our lives or not, you can still benefit from engaging in an intention setting ritual at this time every month.

In tandem with making your desires clear, you’ll want to be sure to always express gratitude for those wishes that have manifested since the last new moon. Once you have honored the synchronicities that lined up to make your desires come alive, you can plant your seeds of intention for the month to come.

Making a habit of intention setting each month will help you access more of what you want! And, how convenient that we have the new moon to remind us to do so!

Here are my recommendations for a deliberate intention setting session:

  1. Set aside thirty minutes to an hour for this exercise. Schedule it on your calendar at each new moon phase.
  2. Carve out a space in your home, or perhaps journey into nature where you can be free of distractions.
  3. Take a few moments to calm your mind, and to clear the energy around you. Perhpas burn insence, light candles, or smudge sage to clear the air.
  4. To create peace and stillness within, you might want to play calming music, pray, move through some breathing exercises, or meditate. Engage in whatever activities bring you closer to inner and outer stillness.
  5. Be sure to have a journal, sketch pad, or a big piece of butcher paper near by.
  6. Express gratitude for all of the desires that came to life in the past month. Perhaps you manifested greater strength in your workouts, or a date with someone you’d hoped to go out with for a while, or a project at work that is invigorating and fun. Whatever manifested, pay it respect!
  7. Now you are ready to set those deliberate intentions.
  8. Make a statement. Something like, “I wish to manifest these desires in the highest and best way for me, and all those with whom I co-create my experience. Make the statement work for you, whatever feels comfortable to say.
  9. Date the page in your journal, your sketch book, or big piece of paper, and then begin to list every desire that comes to you, big and small! Maybe you’ll write, I want to go to Bali! Maybe you want enough money to give to others generously, and to enjoy creature comforts. Maybe you’ll write, I desire boundless energy, and creativity so that I can launch a homebased business, or maybe, I desire love in my life that is compatible, supportive, fun, and romantic. Whatever you want, write it clearly, and in the affirmative. Be sure to always write, I want or I desire. Avoid writing anything in the negative, like I don’t want ____________.
  10. If you want to take this exercise a step further, you can craft a vision board. I would be happy to share with you how to do this online if you so desire. Creating a virtual vision board allows you to access it anytime, and from any device, so you can witness how your desires are taking shape throughout the month. If you’d like, feel free to schedule a 15 or 30 minute remote coaching session with me, and we’ll walk through how to create this secret board together, and how to best make it work for you!

Happy Deliberate Intention Setting!


Photo Credit: The Wild Unknown

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