This is what can happen when you let go of the wheel

Lately, I have felt a bit more fluid, more at ease. I’ve been less concerned with what the day will have looked like come 10pm. Instead of yielding to my Virgo, Type A tendencies to set a course and fiercely commit to that directive, I’ve been waking each morning, stepping one foot from the bed, then the other, having a stretch and a then a smile. I’ve been connecting moments without expectation of how they should be configured.

It feels nice not to be putting plans together that perhaps weren’t meant to be joined. I feel relaxed in not really knowing where the day will take me.

The view from this passenger seat of life is breathtaking. You can take in so much more when you’re not distracted by others, or by having to make sure your space cushion is providing ample protection. Choosing not to have eyes fixed on the course, and letting life control the wheel allows for us to take in all we may have missed if we had proceeded with preconditions.

Many times in my life, I’ve steered. I’ve grabbed a hold of the wheel, fixed my eyes on the road, and missed the beautiful landscape that is only seen when we are free of distraction and expectations. I’ve done this by way of making a go of a project not right for me, grinding through an experience longer than was beneficial, or willing my body into shape when in the end I did more damage than good.

The natural course of life is ever changing, and when we proceed without preconditions, we are more likely to be maneuvered into positions, relationships, and opportunities that are most fitting. When we relax a bit, we are more likely to travel through a life meant for us.

Interestingly, there are times while on our good ride we’ll be met with a barricade, and we may think we have gone the wrong way. Yet, when we have been traveling a course that is right for us, we can feel comforted in knowing this is not the case. A barricade, or challenges in life may come when it is time for us to learn something. They may come to help us connect with a deeper part of ourselves, or to steer us onto a new scenic highway.

At these crossroads or difficult times we may feel the urge to ask, “How did I get here?” and “Why is this Happening TO me?” When instead we should be asking, “Why is this happening FOR me?”

As we proceed this week and beyond, one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing is let go. We can choose to move into the passenger seat, and let life take the wheel. As we meander through peaks and valleys, and along the shore lines of life, we’ll feel like we’re on an enjoyable road trip, while experiencing greater ease, fresh perspective, deeper wisdom, and contentment.

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