Tonight’s Blood Moon Eclipse and Lessons Learned

This morning I woke spirited, bright eyed and bunny tailed (given it’s Easter and all.) I dreamt all night about feeling supported…in the yummiest of ways––financially, in love, in co-creation, in downloads of wisdom and inspiration. The support in my dreams was so real, I quite literally felt lighter on my mattress––the sense of levitating without actually hovering––now that would have been amazing.

I completed my morning routine of biomechanics mapping (a post on this coming soon), meditation, oil pulling, matcha making, and journaling. With today rich in Blood Moon Eclipse energy, I took some extra time to pour intentions onto the pages, and wrote about what I’ve learned over the past three years. Today marks the end of a 36-month lunar cycle.

Here are a few of the many things I jotted down:

Money is not a suitable substitution for sanity.

Does money help us to access conveniences and creature comforts? Yes. Does it help us to contribute value to the world? It certainly can. Does it allow us to feel a deeper sense of security and ease? It absolutely does, but is not the only way we access such things.

Money indeed holds tremendous value. We want it, and in many cases, need it. But, it’s important to know when to leave it on the table––when you are exchanging monetary currency for feelings of self-worth, respect, inner peace, and sanity.

We really do have the power to heal ourselves.

Our bodies are pure magic. Truly. They are capable of being beat down, broken, made ill, and robbed of sleep, nutrients, and recuperation, all the while able to hold us upright. They still manage to walk, sit, run, talk, pump blood, breath, think, smile, and cry. They are also fully capable of healing when we enroll our higher selves in the process.

Our higher selves, or our spirit, or our soul, is so insanely intelligent and all-knowing, and really does want to support us in feeling our best. They are made of infinite wisdom, and will share all they know and are capable of if we inquire. We have to ask, and then we have to do the even more important thing––listen.

We listen this by slowing down and really feeling our inner being. It is in this stillness, we can communicate with our pain or illness. We can ask where it is coming from, why it has manifested, what we are to learn from it, and what emotion, memory, or feeling it is attached to.

I know this might sound absurd, but I wouldn’t be writing about it if I hadn’t experienced for myself a complete recovery from many physical blows. One being back pain so severe, that I was ready to enroll in regular steroid and/or prolotherapy injections. Others were gut distress that inhibited my ability to eat without countless restrictions, and neck pain flares that routinely threw me into migraine hell.

I wouldn’t be writing about the ability to self heal, if I hadn’t naturally regulated my hormones to the degree my period began again after not having one for seven years (with no irregular lab work or physical diagnosis). I actually congratulated myself for this one.

I’m not saying that we do this all on our own. We don’t. We need skillful, intuitive, and educated mentors who can guide us through natural remedies and therapies. And, it doesn’t happen over night. I’ve been working diligently on healing my body, emotions, and state of wellbeing for many years, but the temporary and transitory pain has been well worth the wait.

There is nothing I’d rather be doing than that which is truly right for me.

Yes is apparently a faved word of mine. Want to write a book? Yes! How about three? Okay! Want to develop recipes for someone else’s book? Yes! Want to become a yoga instructor! Yes, sounds great! Want to move to Portland without a plan? Yep! Let’s do it.

Whether it was some inner part of me directing the course of my journey, or someone else in my experience encouraging me to go an do, I’ve been down a lot of paths. I’ve embarked on many adventures, tried on new relationships, and leaped into dozen unknowns. Some have resulted in joy, bliss, abundance, and a ton of fun, and others, not so much.

What I’ve learned is there is always a “knowing” within that comes with the impulse to act. There is a sense, a keen awareness to whether something will build us up, or beat us down. I’m finally learning how to tap into that knowing. I’m finally learning how to really FEEL into my next move––to get out of my head and into my heart and body. From there, intentions to move forward are so much more clear. I am able to proceed (or not) with calm inner certainty.

I share all of this to perhaps inspire you to consider what you’ve learned these past few years. Maybe engage in your own journal exercise while the energy is heightened from the Full Moon. If you so choose, take out a journal or just grab a couple sheets of paper. On one page, write in big letters across the top, What I’ve Learned, and on another page, write What I Desire. Then go. Write. Scribble down whatever comes to you. Then have a quite moment to reflect, meditate, pray, or do a little jig…whatever feels natural and comfortable. And then take a few more moments to reflect on all you are grateful for. Seal this ritualistic moment with a few deep breaths, a bow, and a thank you.

If you are looking for others ways to harness the high vibrations of this Full Moon weekend, here are some of my favorites:

  1. Tear a sheet of paper into strips. Think about the limiting beliefs, fears, and barriers to wholeness you wish to release. Write one on each piece of paper, then ceremonially (in quiet contemplation) burn each one to symbolize them moving out and away from your experience.
  2. Get outside––hike, go for a walk, bury your toes in the sand of the beach, enjoy a picnic, visit the farmers market.
  3. Light white candles and meditate or pray.
  4. Work with crystals like citrine for good fortune and reclaiming your personal power, amethyst for healing, black tourmaline for grounding, hematite for expanding consciousness and for protection, and lapis to promote clarity and wisdom.
  5. Allow your crystals to rest outside all night in the light of the full moon. This will cleanse them of recently collected energy, so they will be freshly cleared and charged for you to use with intention over the weeks to come.
  6. Journal about new beginnings and desires you have.
  7. Take a cleansing bath with essential oils ideal for this time of year like geranium, mandarin, juniper, basil, lemon, & jasmine.
  8. Burn incense or smudge sage to clear old and stale energy.
  9. If it’s warm where you are, sleep under the stars and moon tonight. If sleeping indoors, open your blinds and shades completely to allow the full moon’s light to permeate your bedroom.
  10. Take a candlelight yoga class.
  11. Make a gratitude list, because after all, the key to having it all is believing you already do.

Interested in working with any of the modalities and tools shared above? Reach out to me for one-on-one remote coaching. I offer 15, 30, and 50-minute sessions by phone or skype depending on what region of the world you are in.

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