Turning My World Upside Down

Despite my regular attendance at the hot yoga studio, I have avoided practicing head and handstands in class due to Fear. That’s it. Fear has held me back and nothing else. I am not alone as it is not uncommon for adults to have an aversion to inversions. Turning our worlds upside when we were kids was a regular occurrence, but as we add more years to our lives, the thought of being upside down on our heads and hands can be terrifying. Seems so silly.

I have wanted to feel inversion confidence for way too long now. To help me get over my fear, I engaged, Chidimma Ozor, a respected yoga instructor who has a gift for taking you to unknown territory, provides you permission to “let go” of preconceived outcomes, helps you find tranquility in an uncomforable posture, and WILLS you into achieving your desired goal.

In just 30 minutes, I was in a headstand, unassisted, and able to breathe in and out through my nose and find peace with the blood rushing to my brain.

The handstand took some time. My heart was racing, and my mind was telling me I couldn’t do it. Knowing Chi was there allowed me to face my fear and just go for it. After several attempts, I was up. Arms shaking and all, but I did it. All I needed was a spotter; someone who had my back in case I was to fall. Isn’t that poetic? So often in life, that is all we need. We just need the comfort of knowing someone is there to support us during challenging times.

Rise above your physical limitations. Ask for a spotter and conquer your fears.

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