You can exhale now. What you have to give…it is enough. How to embrace the holidays and your life knowing you are doing the best you can.

How did this happen?! The holidays are here! No sooner was orange and black swept from market aisles, when in the mail landed Nordstrom’s The Season Starts Here catalog.

Every year at this time, I hear “hoorays” and “oh dears” concerning the last two months of the year. November for some is a magical time, and for others it is just plain dreadful. Let’s be realistic…visits with in-laws and holiday parties are not enjoyed by all.

Recent conversations with clients and friends have revealed a common theme among those who struggle to embrace the season of cheer, or at times, life in general.

Not Enoughness.

I am seeing this theme woven through work, family, social interests, parenting, and personal wellbeing.

Not enoughness sounds a bit like,

There are not enough hours in the day for me to do it all.

I can’t go. I don’t have anything in common with those people.

I don’t have enough money to buy gifts this year.

What can I possibly offer them that they don’t already have?

I can’t do all they are asking.

Others are more skilled, why would they want me?

Why bother working out when all I have is fifteen minutes?

See what I am getting at?

Oooh, this is so good. You know why? Because all of us are enough. What we have to give is enough, right here, right now, without perfection, expectations, competition with others, or self-destruction.

That email you sent a friend just letting them know you were thinking of them, that was enough.

The dinner you made that was simply noodles and spaghetti sauce from a jar, that was enough.

The stairs you took instead of the lift, that too was enough.

Your smile. Your laugh. Your eye contact with a stranger, acknowledging they too are doing the best they can, more than enough.

The cereal boxes and milk you put on the table instead of fixing breakfast…enough.

You taking time out of you busy day to read this post is enough.

You, just as you are without perfection and struggle is enough for you, and it is enough for those around you.

Your unique qualities that inspire and uplift others.

Your time.

Your quirkiness that makes you just so darn individual and irresistible.

Your care and concern for others.

Your choosing to listen.

Your helping hand.

The vibrations of love and healing from your heart that you silently send to others.

Your feeling safe in falling apart. You providing comfort when others do the same.

Your creative pursuits, and passions put into action that expose your community to innovation, artistry, music, food, health, ease of the day, and togetherness.

You. In your own special way, give so much.

When things get hectic this month and during the holiday season, remember all that you are, right now, is enough.

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