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While reviewing thoughts recently shared with you, it occurred to me the inspiration has not included nutrition guidance, recipes, or cooking tips. Messages encouraging acts of self-love, quieting the mind, and speaking your truth flowed more naturally and my hope is your soul has been deeply nurtured.

In the coming weeks as I bring food, nutrition, and your body back into the conversation, I’d like you to see how the principals imparted about slowing down and ‘tuning-in’ apply not only to the health of your mind, but your physical wellbeing also.

Pause for a moment and scan your body for any physical pain or discomforts you are experiencing today. Consider ailments you contend with daily such as joint or muscle inflammation, fatigue, headaches, or heartburn.

Now, what if I told you there is a root cause for your health woes you are likely overlooking; one that is profoundly influential in instigating your imbalance?

We are living in an overly stimulated society and suffering the health implications of stress-inducing social media, rush hour traffic, and family and business demands. We rarely sit down to savor a meal but rather eat mindlessly in front of the computer, while on the phone, and while driving. And we cram sadness, grief, and fear into the deepest crevices of our being to avoid conflict or change.

Knowing this, how can you expect food, even that considered to be healthy, supplements and exercise to nourish you when your mind is filled to the brim with chaotic energy? How can it be possible for vitality to run through your veins if you rob your precious body of a much needed break or dismiss the call to examine and heal deeply rooted pain or trauma?

Eating nutritious foods and keeping your body active are very important principles, but your level of relaxation and dually level of stress have an even greater impact on the amount of weight you carry, strength of your immunity, and power of your metabolism.

Stress is the number one contributor to chronic disease and does not only come by way of your commute and lengthy to-do list. It hides behind the façade of your physical shape, deep in your emotional center and from there, powerfully impacts the health of your body.

When you look to the very core of you, become present when you eat, still your mind and make rest and play a priority, your soul can effectively communicate to your body its requirements for nourishment and healing. Don’t be surprised if the messages that come to you in these moments of stillness are to heal past trauma, forgive yourself or others or to face and move through fear.

It is sad our society is so quick to look at the physical and leaves out this crucial element. For eons, other cultures have looked to the soul first, nurtured and healed emotional wounds, addressed fear and stress and released anger in order to manifest whole body healing and vitality.

This week, please try the following:

Eat only while sitting down and without distraction. Chew slowly and focus on the taste, aroma, and texture and be grateful you have access to fresh and natural foods.

Practice meditation every day, even if for just ten minutes to calm your mind. When your thoughts are quiet, ask, “What do my body, mind, and soul need in order to be truly nourished?”

Practice being unapologetically truthful with yourself and others.

Say “yes” and “no” when you mean it, and

Love yourself unconditionally.

Pay attention to how you feel each day and note whether heartburn or headaches subside, if you have more energy, or if aches and pains dwindle. Be thankful for even the smallest change because a win, big or small, means you are honoring the needs of your emotional center and are awakening to whole body alignment and health.

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