Integrative Health Coach Tina Leigh

welcome-1They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in Tina’s case that could not be more true. From the time she was a young girl, through to her early thirties, she was a student of wellness. Throughout her formative years, she soaked up every ounce of wisdom and knowledge she could in order to overcome a multitude of health challenges. 

Today, despite feeling more vital and alive than ever, her research and experimentations in nutrition, personal development, and health have never ceased. One of her guiding principles is to Always Be Curious. She lives up to this belief every day.  

Tina has studied over 100 diet theories, authored and co-created four wellness lifestyle books, and completed a 200-hour yoga instructor certification. She studied holistic health and graduated with an Integrative Health Coaching certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For the past six years, she has practiced yoga and meditation with the utmost commitment, and has sought guidance from more than three dozen renowned integrative health practitioners in order to learn all she can about the many methods of healing that are available to us.

A creative at heart, and a trained chef, her approach to eating and nutrition is one of artistry. She thrives on making nourishing food taste good and present exquisitely, which has secured her relationships with individuals seeking culinary guidance, and brands such as ABC Kitchen, Aloha, Kure Juice, The Garden Table, Raw Guru, Navitas Naturals, and many others. 

Tina’s heart is enormous, and her depth of empathy runs oceans deep. Her relatability and compassion stem from a wild journey through the perils of disease, depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, and substance abuse.

She is well of wisdom, and her programs and coaching are practical and approachable. Nothing makes her come alive more than supporting you through your journey to a healthier and happier life. 


Tina Leigh is an experienced entrepreneur, certified wellness practitioner, and gifted culinary artist. She integrates attention to operational detail with creative talent, providing a unique fusion of services to early and growth-stage food, beverage, fitness, and wellness brands. With two decades of experience founding, operating, and accelerating companies in these industries, she excels in both business acumen and creativity.

She seamlessly toggles between thinking like a chef, artist, and health coach, and operating strategically. She is a creator, and an articulate operator. It is by integrating these qualities that she has established relationships with a number of recognizable consumer brands such as ABC Carpet & Home, ABC Kitchen, Kure Juice Bar, Yoga Body Naturals, Navitas Naturals, Vega, The Garden Table, Aloha, Meriwether Group, Dragon Herbs, and many others. She has supported these, and other companies with product innovation, creative direction, recipe development, menu crafting, food artistry, packaged food product development, marketing, sales and social media strategies.

In addition, Tina is deeply experienced in the publishing world, having successfully written, edited, and published four books including Balanced RawSuperfood Juices & Smoothies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-fat Vegan Cooking, and Heed Your Call.

Being a seasoned, and certified yoga practitioner and as well as devout meditator, Tina brings calm, balance, and positive energy to all professional engagements. She leads with heart, passion, and purpose––mindfully contributing her all to every interaction.

Business Services
  • Wellness Consumer Brand Development
  • Nutrition Consulting + Marketing Direction
  • Plant-food Service Recipe + Menu Development
  • Wellness Program Development
  • Content Creation + Editing
  • Wellness Brand Licensing
  • Artistic Direction
Personal Services
  • Meditation Mentoring
  • Private Yoga Instruction
  • Wellness Lifestyle Coaching
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Counseling
  • Eating for Beauty Consulting
  • Private Plant-Based Cooking Lessons
  • Kitchen Rejuvenation