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“The Source of Your Wellbeing Lies Within You.”

~ Tina Leigh


Combine Raw and Cooked Foods for Optimal Health, Weight Loss, and Vitality: A Four-Week Program

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Pinch About Tina Leigh

I am so glad you’re here. Like you, I am on a journey to live a meaningful and happy life. What makes me beam is supporting you in elevating your wellbeing. I feel alive and fed when I see you being more self-loving through eating clean, meditating, moving your body, and letting go of habits that sabotage your desired life.

I know the many struggles you face because I have been there. I’ve over indulged, used drugs, alcohol and food to satisfy sadness, loneliness and pain. I’ve suffered countless illnesses, and physical and emotional trauma. I’ve starved myself and binged, beaten up my body with physical activity, and spent days lying in bed. Even now, I have good days and I have downer days. I am human and always evolving just like you. And you know what? No matter the struggles or the demands I’ve placed on myself, I’ve discovered, that every step in the direction I want to go is better than taking no steps at all.

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