What is an Integrative Health Coach?

We each have blind spots––those areas in our lives we quite literally cannot see are out of balance or those we choose not to address or bring into harmony. We often choose to behave and operate incongruently with our desires. We say we want to feel light and expansive yet may sit for hours in a tiny cubicle, resisting the urge to step outside for some fresh air. We say we want to experience abundance, but don’t believe we provide value that is deserving of a bountiful living. Do you see what I’m getting at? Every moment we make choices. Choices that lead us toward the life we want or further from it.

Integrative Health Coaches serve as our guides. They see the blind spots and support us in seeing them too. They reflect back to us the ways in which we are getting stuck, and then provide tools for how best to navigate toward the lives we most desire. They listen, they assess, they walk with us through our unique journeys, and gently encourage accountability.

Why Work With Me?

Just like you I know what suffering is. I’ve experienced many of the same personal and professional struggles you have…missed opportunities, heart-wrenching breakups, divorce, bankruptcy, expensive moves to chase low-paying (yet paying) jobs, lost wages, being fired, being the one to hire and fire, disasters due to lack of project management, inability to keep companies capitlized, illness, guilt, shame, professional and personal embarrassment, belief that I had to be or do something in order to please others, and the list goes on.

Then one day, it all came to a head. I was lying in bed, dreading any sensation other than being tightly wrapped in the comfort of my heated blanket. My face was inflamed with periorial dermatitis (look it up if you wish), and my body was ridden with hives. My stomach was in knots and I had been constipated for ten days straight without any sign of relief. Both eyes were swollen from crying myself to death. I couldn’t eat, was suffering from insomnia, had cut myself off from any social interaction and was flat broke living at my mom’s.

The story of how I arrived at that bleak and hopeless place is being reserved for my novel, but this bit of the tale I share with you now to assure you’re not alone.

I moved through the house like a zombie or laid emotionally paralyzed in bed for weeks until I received a glimpse of a more vital me looking in. She was peering at the limp and depressed version of me wrapped in the sheets. How troubling the scene––a fully capable, kind, creative, innovative, soulful and gifted young girl hangs out in her fort of covers all day when she has so much to offer…to herself and others.

And right then and there it began. Slowly, I peeled myself from beneath the covers, grabbed a journal and feverishly began writing how I wanted to feel. I wrote three full pages and about 700 words in mere minutes. I wanted to feel Alive. Awake. Joyful. Light. Valuable. Inspired. Inspiring. Free. Liberated. Abundant. Connected…. The corners of my mouth lifted slightly; the first crack at a smile in months and I began in that moment to walk my journey through transformation. As my emotional and physical wellbeing was restored, I couldn’t wait to bring what I was learning to others.

Your experince may not be as dramatic as mine, or it may be more so. In either case, the truth is the same. We need support. We need to believe there is a better way no matter where we are in our journeys. Having been through endless challenges that taught me how to manifest a meaningful and joyful life, I wish to support you in doing the same.

What Kind of Coaching Do I Provide? 

It is important to me that I meet you where you are on your path. If you are simply looking for nutrition guidance and how-tos for eating on the go, I can do that. If you are more interested in how to leave a professional relationship that is sucking the life out of you, we can work on that too. If you want to shed weight to rock your beach body this summer, okay! Whatever it is you wish to work on that will move the needle on your wellbeing, it’s all on the table.

How Does it Work?

Wellness coaching needn’t be complicated. You come with a need, and we (together) work toward solutions. I will help you to get REALLY clear on what you want, and how you want to feel. I will guide you through challenges, and help you circumnavigate barriers to your wellbeing. This is all done virtually by phone or Skype so we can work together no matter where you live or how demanding your schedule might be. And, I’ve opened up my service offering to include 15 and 30 minute sessions in addition to my usual 50-minute sessions just in case you want to speak more often and for quick exchanges of wisdom and support.

What Methods Do I Use?

  • Guided Meditation
  • Journaling Exercises
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Biomechanics and Body Mapping
  • Body Sensory Awareness Instruction
  • Mindful Eating + Awareness Technique
  • Conscious Breathing Exercises

How Do We Get Started?

Easy! Hop on over to my online scheduler and find a time that works for you. A la carte sessions are available in 15, 30, and 50-minute blocks of time.

What Does A Session Cost?

15-minutes: $27 | 30-minutes: $47 | 50-minutes: $77

(6) 30-minute sessions package: $277
(12) 30-minute sessions package: $547

View and download Complete 2015 Rate Sheet here.