A menu is a snapshot of your culinary craft and each dish your masterpiece.

The café and juice bar landscape is constantly evolving with advancements being made in health and wellness every single day. It is a competitive market, with a pressing need to deliver the most innovative and vitality-promoting creations possible. Staying on top of juice and food trends, and ensuring your menus are evolving with industry developments, can prove to be tiresome when you have all other aspects of your business to run. To ensure your café, juice bar, or restaurant is keeping up with the demands of the market, Tina can support you by serving as your culinary advisor.

She is deeply passionate about creating inventive and nourishing food, beverages, and therapeutic tonics. Whether crafting juices, smoothies, salads, soups, desserts, or other fare, her process of development follows a malleable format. For each new recipe, she begins by drafting an outline of the end product. This serves as a living document for mutual exploration and consideration. Once approved, she works from this white paper sketch to conduct recipe testing. As she moves through each dish, she records the ingredient used and their raw weight/volume, defines production and storage procedures, outlines presentation details, notes the end yield and volume, and analyzes the nutrition data.

The creative process doesn’t stop there. Once the recipe is designed and tested, if requested, she photographs an artfully composed set of images, gives each recipe a vanity name, and writes an enticing description of the flavor profile and nutritional benefits. All creations can then shared with client’s panel of recipe testers in an organized sampling event. After receiving feedback, she returns to the original recipes and tweaks as needed in order to achieve the most desirable food products. No two recipes are alike, and the inspiration she receives to craft innovative, scrumptious, and vitality promoting food and beverages is endless.

Tina has 15 years of practice in the food and wellness industries, with her experience ranging from owning and operating a catering company to working as a line cook, prep cook, yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, executive chef, private chef, food and wellness writer, server, and is a student of health with a insatiable thirst for knowledge.

She has developed recipes for cookbooks, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Fat Vegan CookingBalanced Raw, and Superfood Juices and Smoothies. In addition she contributed recipes to Vegan Fusion and Cooking Healthy Lessons, is a recipe contributor to Vega, Aloha, and Navitas Naturals, and works along side Dragon Herbs, ABC Kitchen, Kure Juice, The Garden Table, and many other holistic wellness food brands.


Recipe + Menu Development Services Include:

  • Menu Architecture Design
  • Original Recipe Development
  • Recipe Costing
  • Nutrition Data Analysis
  • Replicable + Standardized Preparation Instructions
  • Volume + Weight Specification and Scalability
  • Food Photography + Creative Direction
  • Equipment Recommendations, Sourcing, and Use Training
  • Vendor Cost Investigation
  • Marketing Content Creation

View and Download 2015 Service List and Rate Sheet Here.