What Body Care Do You Wear?

My scent peaks curiosity.  Guys and dolls frequently stop me to inquire about the decadent dessert or tropical bouquet that tickles their nose….even after a sweaty hot yoga session, and they wonder is it perfume, lotion, body spray, or a combination that gets their attention?  The following are real life comments I have received about the aroma of my skin.


“Yum, you smell like winter.”

“What is it you’re wearing that makes you smell like chocolate cake?”

“What lotion are you using?  It smells like Hawaii.”

“Why do you always smell like dessert?”

“I want lick your arm.”

“What is that smell?  It reminds me of holiday baking.”

Maybe this is too much for you.  But if you’re feeling like a curious kitten, I am going to let you in on a few secrets.  You are being turned on to my deepest and most magical collection of body care.

Body Moisture

Virgin Coconut Oil

No lie.  I take it straight from the jar in the kitchen.  I cook with it (the only oil I COOK with mind you), I use it to tame fly-aways in my hair, and use it as my go to body moisturizer.  Occasionally, if very dry outside, I will also use it to moisten my nasal passages.



Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Cream

This is seriously rich body cream that will keep your skin silky smooth and smelling like chocolate from one shower to the next.




Vanilla Bean Body Cream

Just as rich as its Cocoa Kona Coffee pal, this lotion is creamy, nourishing, and leaves you moisturized without a greasy residue.




Body Scrubs

  Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub

You can’t go wrong with a jar of pure cocoa, coconut oil, and coffee grounds.  This scrub is uh-mazing!  It exfoliates and moisturizes your skin at the same time.  AND, it’s so pure, you can eat it.


  Coconut Body Scrub

A-lister ingredients like coconut, shea butter, cane sugar, and acai oil leave your skin smooth and glowing right out of the shower.  No need to apply cream or lotion after using any of 100% Pure’s body scrubs.

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