Josh Blatter Yoga

Josh, founder of Josh Blatter Yoga is an experienced yoga instructor who guides meditation, hot and vinyasa style classes in a number of studios throughout San Diego, including CorePower Yoga. He is best known for his use of colorful language that paints a brilliant picture of the human condition and our path to transformation. By using parables and practical story telling, he illustrates the fundamental principles of yoga as a way of life.

To share such inspiring insights, Josh is constantly reading, studying and innovating. Maintaining the mind of a beginner and having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he innocently and simply applies the material he discovers to every day life.

He finds joy in sharing the powers of yoga with a diverse student base both in the studio and in private sessions. Whether by absorbing the physical, mental, and/or spiritual benefits of a yoga practice, Josh’s students grow and evolve by taking with them just what they need from any given class.

He understands that often the hardest part of yoga is walking in the studio door for the first time. By creating a warm, approachable and inviting experience, students of all levels are able to dissolve their fears and misconceptions. He is a student just like you. He is on his journey to embracing truth, balance, strength, and healing.

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