Spring is for creating space

It seems that everyone I talk to lately is cleaning out his or her closets. Shoes, denim, sweaters, hoodies, coats, and even jewelry are being sifted through, and given away, or sold online. I jumped into Spring cleaning on day one by paying my storage unit a visit to assess how in the world I am going to liquidate everything I own, and haven’t used for three years––another topic for another time.

As sunlight lingers longer, and the days become a bit less drab, we are naturally inspired to shed the old, and make space for all that is new. Like flowers rising for the first time in months, when we turn our faces to the sun, we come alive.

Sunlight = energy = more interest in cleaning and sorting = creating space for newness.

The vibe is pretty lovely when embraced.

Tossing out expired skin and body care products (I highly recommend doing this), as well as condiments and food that have overstayed their welcome in your fridge (I recommend this too) are valuable exercises for creating physical space, but what about creating space within?

What about expanding your heart to receive more love and support from others? What about increasing headspace by releasing crippling worry and concern for all things out of your control, and fear of things not real?

This is where sorting, sifting, tossing out, and cleaning up gets really delicious. Creating space in our internal house allows all of life to tick along more sweetly.

So what might need some clearing?

Let’s examine.

Are you in a personal or professional relationship that isn’t going anywhere, meaning it is not challenging you to be better tomorrow than you are today? Are you romantically involved yet not stimulated physically or spiritually, or are you and your partner worlds apart when it comes to belief systems and values? If any of the above rings true, you may not need to call it quits, but you might want to create a gentle and safe space to talk through challenges and misalignments.

How about anxiety? Life is hectic, period. We are all met with demands, and to-do lists miles long, and when it gets to be too much, we sometimes burrow into that familiar place called overwhelm. Hibernating in the chasm of being too busy serves no one, so if you are feeling anxious, take a look into what you can let go of.

What is on your plate today that can be delegated to someone else? How much weight are you carrying for another that they could (and perhaps even should) be bearing themselves? Despite what the ego tells us, we really do not have to do everything. And, those things that are needing to get done, may not have to be done so right now. Offload some responsibilities, and give yourself a little breathing room.

Burdens on your heart. There is much we each want to say. There are endless feelings that writhe in us that never get expressed, be them personal needs and wants, or compliments and praise we want to spit out, but hold back because, well, who knows why. We really should be more complimentary. The point is, too often we don’t speak up. We don’t express the desires of our hearts. Or, alternatively we say things we don’t mean, like, “I’ll be there!” When we really don’t want to attend the party.

sorry i'm late I didn't want to come sweatshirt

Not living in alignment with our hearts leads to energetic tension. It leads to resentment, and an emotional vase that is full of dirty water. Flush out the space in your heart by gently speaking your mind. Share. Invite conversation. Connect with those you love, or those you don’t yet know but want to. Turn over worry and concern in prayer or meditation, and spill your guts in a journal if you like to write as much as I do!

I could go on about how space can be expanded within us, but I think you get the point. So, for every shoe, shirt, and 2-year-old condiment you throw out this season, clean out stale emotions, delegate, say the words, and make space to receive all the vital energy and light ready for you to synthesize.

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