The Home Within––Beyond the confines of geographical location and the walls you live between discover your most cherished dwelling place

Beyond the confines of geographical location and our beds lies a place that is truly home.

Home is the familiarity we have with our emotions, and the truth of who we are. Home is the pulse of our beating hearts from which our emotions and desires flow.

Our inner dwelling is the source of our yes’s and no’s, our wants, dislikes and needs. It is the softennes of our soul pillow that collects our weary bodies after a long day, and the front door of our hearts that invites others to pass through or to stay for awhile.

Home is the private room in our mind reserved for our inner most wishes and thoughts, and the kitchen where we gather the lighter parts of ourselves to open up, laugh, and connect with others.

For many years I lived within four walls, absent of the comforts of home. Rent deposits, house payments, cities new and familiar never satisfied the hunt for a cozy and sacred nest.

It was not until I uprooted and drove away from the building where I last left my belongings that I found a stable home. Through life experience and self-discovery, my home within was revealed.

The grand search for where best to root led me to this peaceful place that rests upon a firm foundation.

This bedrock alone has taken a lifetime to pour, and is one than can never be destroyed.

Self-love, self-worth, and the freedom to express myself are cemented in my home’s foundation. In its once smooth surface are now imprints of teardrops from lessons learned and cries of joy.

Unknowingly, through life’s challenges and blessings, I have been architecting and laying stones for my ideal space–one I feel safe and comfortable in when I am alone, and one I am excited to share with those who honor, respect, and contribute love.

It is not unusual for us to exhaust years of our lives searching for where to rest our heads. We often try out this house and that. We furnish physical spaces with tangible representations of our inner selves. But, these walls we live between will never serve as complete substitutes for the soul pillow and comforting heart which have accompanied us on our search all along.

There is no denying the best space we can dwell in is our sacred home within.

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