Tune-In During The Busy Holiday Season

Do you ever feel like a maniac?  You have permission to say yes; I won’t judge.  Just the other morning, I was awakened by my crazier self at 4 a.m. and could not go back to sleep due to some very loud mind chatter. Listen to what my brain thought was so essential that it robbed me of precious zzz’s…
Get truck washed
Shop for falafel burger ingredients
Disinfect yoga mat
Buy kitty litter…

Someone else’s list of to-dos can sound pretty darn absurd, right?  But when it comes to YOUR agenda, you cling to it until it owns you to the degree of going a little insane. It would serve you and me deeply to compare our maniac list with those actions and goals that serve a bigger picture.  Nothing trivial should own us when there are more pertinent details in life that yearn to bask in our undivided attention.

I am sure you are wondering what these pertinent details might be. Here are a few that in my life have taken a back seat more times than I would like to admit. Perhaps you may relate.

•  A call to a friend or family member you have put off for sometime.
•  Perhaps dismissal of an annoying ache that would feel better with a warm soak in the tub….even if just for 15 minutes.
•  Meditation de-clutters the mind and centers your focus on the now, yet this simple practice often is neglected even when it can have profound impact with just ten minutes each day.
•  When was the last time you delivered an unsolicited hug or kiss to your child or spouse? Small gesture…big impact.

These are all very simple ways to demonstrate self-love and tenderness to those around you and each serves the greater good. The practice of making them a priority over getting your car washed begins to architect a more peaceful and grounded blueprint for your life.

For the past couple of weeks, you have received tips on nurturing your physical and inside bodies, and this week, I encourage you to self-treat your mind and spirit.

The following outlines nine simple steps for guiding you to tune-in during a season when you might be compelled to tune-out:

1.  Set your alarm to wake you 10 minutes earlier and to compensate, hop into bed a tad sooner each night.
2.  When you wake, give your entire body a really good stretch with your arms above your head and legs stretched out in opposition. Hold this stretch for at least three seconds.
3.   After you rise from bed, prepare your favorite morning beverage whether it is a glass of juice, tea, coffee or even hot chocolate. YUM!
4.  Find a room and seat in your house that is comfortable and quiet. Take your morning brew, a pad of paper or journal, and a pen.
5.  Sit comfortably in your seat, close your eyes and take five deep inhales and exhales with each lasting three seconds.
6.  Between each inhale and exhale, hold your breath until you can feel your heart beat.
7.  After your five rich breaths, picture yourself visiting the most peaceful place your mind can imagine. Maybe you travel to a secluded beach or step into an exquisite garden, or crest a majestic mountain.
8.  Once you have visualized this calming place, take five more expansive breaths and set an intention for your day.  Maybe it is to live more in the present moment, smile genuinely throughout the day, do something kind for someone else or even yourself, or offer more tenderness to those you share your home with.
9.  Then gently open your eyes and in your journal or notepad, write down all of the things, people, conveniences, and comforts you are grateful for despite how seemingly insignificant they may be.

This brief exercise helps me immensely to balance mind chatter with peaceful intention and focus for the day. If you think about, you could complete this meditation AND workout by doing the HIIT training I shared two weeks ago all in 30 minutes or less!

Have a happy and healthy week!

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