4 Steps to Lasting Resolutions

2015 is here! Can you believe it? I’m sure you will agree this past year zipped by like a blazing comet. I’m over here scratching my head at all that occurred in what felt like light speed, and am in awe at every last detail. I was blessed beyond measure. Hopefully as our 2014 chapter neared its end, you had an opportunity to reflect. If you haven’t, I encourage you to take a moment now and honor all accomplishments and magic you experienced in the past year, as well as lessons that came to you disguised as challenges. Expressing gratitude at this time will bring you more to be grateful for in the year to come.

Today is Day 1 of 365 to follow. It marks a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank canvas. What’s superbly exciting is every day, every moment that is coming your way is another opportunity to keep starting anew. Think of this New Year as one with limitless potential. Think of it as the year of reinvention of self. Proceed believing it is rigged in your favor, and that magic is around every corner. Why? Because it is. In order to discover and receive all that’s possible, we need to crack open our hearts, widen our eyes, and attune our inner knowing to all the goodness that surrounds us. It is there and is waiting to deliver our desires.

So, what is it you desire? How do you want feel? Knowing this is essential to making AND manifesting your New Year’s resolutions. Do you want to experience deeper happiness? Do you want financial ease? Do you want deeply passionate and soulful love in your life? Think on this for a minute and then grab a journal and a pen, because in order to truly translate your heart’s desires into reality, you need to write them down. This exercise may only take you about twenty minutes, and I assure you will payoff more than an hour of exercise at the gym.

Step 1: Secure an Anchor

What do I mean by an anchor? I mean a feeling––one you want to achieve above all others. Maybe you want to feel freer. Maybe you want to experience more joy, fun, adventure, confidence, peace, or connection. Perhaps you want to feel loved, passionate, liberated, or abundant. Identify your anchor feeling for 2015 and write it so big on a single sheet in your journal that it runs off the edges. This feeling will be your theme for the year!

For three years, I’ve secured an anchor desire and have reflected on it every single day to ensure all choices I make support me in reinforcing my desire. Being clear on my ultimate experience encourages me to routinely ask myself, “Does this (action, person, project, trip, opportunity) INCREASE or DECREASE my life force? Does it/they contribute to my desired feeling or diminish it? Checking in this way throughout the year makes the days more effortless. I bump into fewer challenges because I am clear. I invite you to get clear also.

Step 2: Identify What it Feels Like

On another journal sheet write, ______________ (your anchor) Feels Like: and then write all that comes to you that will help you feel that certain way. My theme for 2015 is Happy! To answer what Happy Feels like to me, my heart was flooded with:

Waking without an alarm clock. Co-creating with like-minded and happy people. Laughing until I cry. Feeling total alignment in my bones, joints, muscles, organs, nerves, and energy centers. Sleeping soundly. Sharing valuable wisdom with others to support them in achieving optimum wellbeing and joy. Mornings that are quiet and reflective. A safe, comfortable, warm, and beautiful home. Time in nature. Traveling safely and comfortably to other countries to experience their food, language, music, design, natural wonders, and lifestyles. Peaceful nights by the fire. Others lighting up when they taste food I’ve been blessed to create for them. Sun on my skin. A strong immune system. Caring for others. Flying first class. Creating services and goods that elevate others wellbeing. And so on…(three pages were filled with my flood of consciousness.)

Step 3: Make Space

On a third sheet, write What Needs to Shift in Order for Me to Feel ____________ (your anchor).

Spend a few minutes writing down the relationships, projects, habits, thought patterns, beliefs, fears, possessions, and behaviors that need to upshift, transform, be removed, be replaced, be let go of, or evolve in order for you to achieve your ideal feeling. All thoughts that come to your awareness with very little contemplation are precisely those things. Writing them down makes them more real and more likely to be addressed.

Step 4: Be Malleable 

Just because something feels good to us today doesn’t mean it will feel good tomorrow. Just because that relationship served us well for many years, doesn’t mean it staying the same will feed our soul for the years to come. The only constant is change. That said, we will experience more pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, and contentment if we remain malleable, and know that just because we’ve become comfortable with something doesn’t mean it should be kept around or maintained in the same way.

It’s useful to consider that often those possessions and relationships we’ve become most comfortable with––keeping them As Is simply because they are familiar, are precisely those that could use some reinvention or reinvigoration. Perhaps they may even need to be let go. As you move through the days and weeks to come, take time to evaluate if something is no longer useful, uplifting, energizing, liberating, or is no longer serving your ultimate desired feeling. If not, perhaps it’s time to welcome a change.

In addition, it helps to be like water when it comes to expectations. It’s noble to set New Years intentions, but to define exactly what those will ultimately look like is best left to chance. We can’t possibly know what is best for us. We can’t see all the ways in which we can be blessed. We cannot know for sure the opportunities, people, places, and adventures that will bring us closest to our desired feeling. What we CAN do is secure our anchor. We can identify what that feeling looks like for each of us. We can reflect on our anchor often, we can remove barriers to it, and then remain open enough to let our 2015 chapter write itself.

Happy New Year Beautiful!


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